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Traveling through Africa over the years has led to the realization that there is a disparity in technological development in rural areas.  Modern technology such as internet and cell phone communication has allowed people to connect relatively easily.  Unfortunately, in many parts of Africa,  people cannot afford these services and they are consequently unable to stay in touch with relatives and loved ones, especially in times of emergency.  Additionally the youth in these locations are at a disadvantage because they lack access to the necessary resources to continue their education and compete in the workforce. 

The mission of Ivoire Rural Communicaton Services is primarily to empower residents of rural West Africa through the use of modern technology.  Our vision is to serve as a local hub that provides a conduit for emergency communication services and to introduce youth to vital computer skills and software programs.    


We are headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit.

IRCS mobile offices will rotate through each village on a bi-monthly basis providing the following suite of services:

  • Emergency cell phone and email assistance
  • Registry database
  • Microsoft office program training
  • Mortgage assistance
  • Prescription drug assistance
  • Utility bill assistance
Augustin Aman  Executive Director, IRCS

Augustin Aman

Executive Director, IRCS