Our objective is to provide the following services in partnership with local municipalities in order to alleviate the communication problems in the rural parts of West Africa:

  • Emergency cell phone and email assistance:  During times of crisis this service will be provided to clients who do not have access to any form of communication.  
  • Registry database:  IRCS will set up and maintain a database for each client which include basic demographic information which could be useful during a time of emergency.  
  • Phone call assistance:  Access will be granted to clients who will be allowed a maximum of two phone calls per day (maximum of 20 minutes of phone usage per day).  
  • Internet usage:  clients will be provided up to two hours of internet access for the purpose of sending emails, doing internet searches and assisting in job placement.
  • Microsoft software training:  Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.) will be taught twice a week and offered to students aged 13-17, to assist with preparation for school and potential future careers.
  • Utility, rent and prescription medication assistance:  Clients may apply to receive funds to meet financial shortfalls which are extremely prominent in the rural portions of West Africa.